Montag, 30. März 2009

Wann sollte man NICHT agil arbeiten?

Immer wieder stellt sich bei einen neuen Projekt die Frage, wie man vorgehen soll/möchte. Scrum und agil um jeden Preis - ich habe viel Lehrgeld bezahlt :), Heute würde ich mich intensiver mit dem Projekt-Ökosystem auseinandersetzen, bevor ich agil arbeiten möchte.

Kelly Waters fasst das auf seinem Blog so zusammen:
"... 3 reasons why I wouldn't do agile software development:

1. If I was working for an organisation that believed it needed complete clarity about a solution before it could start a project. I believe this is a false positive, and it would be very hard to adopt agile in an environment where key stakeholders insist on this.

2. If I was working for an organisation where the relevant product owners couldn't - or wouldn't - commit to being actively involved throughout the project. I really do believe that active user involvement is the first principle of agile, and imperative for a project to succeed.

3. If I was working with a team that I didn't believe could cope with ambiguity, or didn't have sufficient communication skills to collaborate effectively with business colleagues or customers.

In these circumstances (particularly if combined), adopting agile could be very difficult indeed, because in my experience these 3 agile principles are critical success factors! "

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