Montag, 5. November 2007

Scrumbreakfast - Scrum in the Enterprise

Am Mittwoch, 7.11.07 ist das erste Scrumbreakfast von 08:30h bis 09:30h bei der namics ag in der Konradstrasse 12, 8005 Zürich.

Thema am Mittwoch:

You will come if you have either adopted Scrum in your team, want your company to adopt Scrum or are considering Scrum. We are here today to share information and experience about Scrum in the Enterprise. Should a company adopt Scrum and if so, how?

To answer this question, we'll look at three issues:

  • How to decide whether your company needs Scrum?
  • What is Scrum and how is it different from traditional methodologies?
  • How to get Scrum deployed in an organization?

Weitere Details gibt's auf den namics Blog.

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